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Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

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Keep your pets healthy

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Trust in over 25 years of dedication to pets and the community to keep your furry friends as healthy as possible. Stop in for complete wellness and checkups.

Your pets mean the world to you - and they do to us, too! Come in for the best in pet food and products or let us help with your emergency needs.

Count on us when your pet needs expert vet care, including x-rays or dental care. Let our team help you to keep your pet healthy, even when he or she needs surgery.

Get gentle and loving care for your pet

Depend on our staff to provide for all of your pet's needs in the same loving way you do.

Ask us about new heartworm & flea products!

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Leave your pet with an experienced vet service, and you'll have peace of mind while you are traveling.

You don't have to wait for outside labs to provide the answers you need now. Let our in-house lab get the job done.

Keep your pet healthy for the long term by scheduling a pet appointment today. You'll get affordable prices, too.

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Holiday Hours


Dec 23 - Dec 25 , 2017

Dec 30, 2017- Jan 1, 2018


Holiday Hours


Dec 23 - Dec 25 , 2017

Dec 30, 2017- Jan 1, 2018