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10% off routine dental cleanings

Choose a time that's right for you and bring your pet in for an easy exam and cleaning. Save 10% on dental exams this January and February!

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Bring your pet in for a dental cleaning at least every 6 months as recommended by the veterinarian. Let us ensure your pet's teeth remain healthy for as long as possible.

Let our trained DVM provide a full dental checkup for your pet. You'll know exactly what is happening and get the treatment that your pet needs today.

Choose a dental visit that works for your schedule. You'll love our convenient hours and dedication to keeping you happy. Same-day appointments are available. Please call to schedule an appointment.

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Let our professionals help you to learn how to care for your pet's teeth. You'll learn how to brush them properly and how to keep them healthy for years. Don't put off dental care!

You'll count on our experienced staff to provide you with a comprehensive appointment that is fast and affordable. You don't have to overpay for outstanding service for your animals.

Depend on Goddard Veterinary Clinic and our registered vet techs and DVMs for all of your pet's needs, including wellness checkups, boarding, and the highest-quality pet products.

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